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Who is Hung?

Game Developer

Hung has a passion for games development. Attending the University of Birmingham, Hung make games outside his lecture time. His ability has gained him a job as a remote Game Programmer Collaborator.

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Hung's vision is for everyone, who wants to make games, can do so. He leads Games Development Society as Chair. He also started a local gamedev community, LevelUp Birmingham.

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First-Class Student

Hung is a top student. Having received 2 awards for his academic performance as well 2 scholarships. Hung aims to do well in both his studies and games development career. Hung's area of expertise, and topic of study interest, is Computer Science.

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Noteworthy things about Hung

Hung is currently studying at Birmingham, UK. He is enhancing games development in the area through two ways.

  • Games Development Society at University of Birmingham
  • LevelUp Birmingham, the newly created local gamesdev community

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Hung is a games programmer, game development enthusiast and gamer. I am a full-time student, working as a part time games programmer, whose hobby is promote games development to everyone.

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139 Dawlish Road,
Selly Oak, Birmingham,
United Kingdom.